Sell Your Home by Making the Most of the Holiday Season

Some people worry about selling their home over the holidays, but as long as you’re strategic about decorating and managing holiday clutter, you can make selling this time of year work in your favor. “The upside of selling during the holidays is that seller competition is very low, meaning your home will be competing with a lot fewer homes,” according to Redfin. And when you emphasize the warmth and light of the holidays, potential buyers will feel right at home and will be ready to make it their own.

Decorate with Care

Putting up holiday decorations when you’re trying to sell your house is a balancing act. You want your home to feel festive so that potential buyers will envision having their own holiday celebrations there. At the same time, you don’t want decorations to be too personal or overly religious because buyers may have biases about the holidays. To strike this balance, decorate primarily with evergreens and other wintry items from nature like pinecones. These neutral, wintry decorations allow you to still be prepared for holiday festivities while avoiding any emphasis on a particular holiday that potential buyers may not connect with.

You also want to keep decorations simple. Buyers need to be able to see the home’s features and how it will look year round, so don’t let decorations overcrowd your home’s best assets. Scandinavian Home Designs suggests using minimal decorations to strategically draw attention to these best features without covering them up.

The other way to make the most of the season is to make sure your home feels warm and cozy. If it’s cold outside, make your home warm and inviting by turning up the heat and having plenty of warm light, giving buyers a reason to spend more time in your home. Up the feeling of hominess even more by setting out freshly baked cookies before any viewing and simmering spiced cider on the stove.

Cut the Clutter

You want your home to be tidy any time someone comes to view it, but the holidays can make keeping clutter away a little trickier. Gifts and all the wrappings that go along with them are the biggest source of holiday clutter. To cut down on all this extra stuff, think of some alternatives to traditional gift giving, and communicate those wishes with friends and family. Oprah suggests giving the gift of your time or experiences rather than things. Another option is to forgo buying wrapping paper and bows, which usually take up a lot of space in our homes, and instead wrap gifts with upcycled materials. From fabric scraps to old sweaters, there are countless creative ideas for nontraditional wrapping that creates a beautiful, one-of-a-kind gift. Reusing materials to wrap gifts is a win-win because you get rid of something you no longer need and avoid the unsightly boxes full of wrapping materials at the same time.

Even with cutting down on gift wrapping, the holidays mean all kinds of extra stuff coming in the house. Keep mail organized by sorting it right away, immediately tossing any unnecessary sale papers into recycling and filing or storing everything else. After opening holiday cards, store them away in a box or keep a list of who sent a card, but don’t put them on display. Your holiday cards are personal, something that makes it harder for buyers to picture the house being their own.

Set up a system to keep everyday clutter in check too, and get the whole family involved. Assign each family member a basket that you keep in a central location, like at the foot of the steps. At the end of each day, have everyone pick up anything around the house that belongs to them and clear it away. Keep cleaning supplies handy in a caddy so it’s easy to do a quick clean up before a viewing.

You don’t have to miss out on holiday fun and festivity when selling your house. All it takes is a little organization and planning to make sure your house stays viewing-ready for the perfect buyer.

Written By, Brittany Fisher

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